Greetings. I would like to thank you for taking the time out your life to what is going in mine and whats been on my mind.
I am forever thinking nonstop. On this blog you will be reading my philosophy on life. You will find Realism Motivation Words Of Encouragement And Advice on certain situations most of us deal with on a day to day basis.

A little about my personality I speak on whats REAL , what I EXPERIENCED and what I OBSERVED. As well as a few success factors of mine to make an indelible future for myself.
I hope you enjoy if not then thats fine ok life will go on. :)

If you like what you see feel free to share to whether its via email, facebook, twitter and etc I am more than welcome to receive positive feedback as well as growth areas to strengthen my writing skills or suggestions on any topics you'd like my opinion on. I am an very diverse and understanding individual with allot to say and I need the world to Hear it.

Monday, May 20, 2013

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

We're Not Gettin No Younger, Its Time To Grow Up

As you can see shits gettin REAL for our generation... We Been Young For so long its like you know the game , but thats just the little league in this here life and world we live in!!

Everyone thinks they got it all figured out.... NOT .......Your Still Slowly Transitioning out of your adolescent years, this adult life is gonna hit us HARD one day....

You gotta get on your stuff and get your mind right and thoughts together, making sure you think thoroughly about each decision before you make it !!

You are the key to your own future , you walk this earth one time!! Be remembered for something positive, achieve your goals !!

Hell I feel like nowadays you gotta punk ppl to be successful because now I feel like your A Pussy If you Dont achieve your goals.

Old Friends are having children, Lil Cousins have children, Friends are dying, going to jail, losing everything.

Its time to make grown up decisions based off the outcome you may have in the future.

Plan the future in your present and make it happen. If you dont try how will you know if you could do it or not!!

I feel like when you feel as if you dont have nothing or nobody take sometime to focus on and love yourself achieve your goals because nobody can do it for you !!

Work hard while your young so you can rest and have fun when your older, hard work pays off you jusy gotta believe in yourself!!

How do you expect anyone to believe in you when you dont even believe in yourself?

People always feel like they need friend or how their friends turned their back on them...

But Thats always the perfect time to come to an understands with yourself.

Always take that alone time to re-evaluate your situation separate the real from the fake & think of a master plan aimed towards success...

While achieving your goals you will get new friends who want the samethings as you or share common interest as well as positive individuals with no drama in their lives.

As we get older say 3-5 years from now..... Its gonna get real regardless... You never know who  will die ,will be addicted to drugs, doing 20+ years in prison all that...

You just dont wanna be one to get caught in that lifestyle to put you in harms way subjected to drug addiction and spending your life in prison...

So you know you gotta do right in your late teens to prevent you from that struggle all over again break the cycle !!

If your working and going to school may even have your own place or even a baby + all of the above, Times will get harder trying to maintain those multiple responsibilities but welcome to the real world in advance !!

Never give up though, no matter what you gotta keep your head up and a smile on your face cause you heard multiple adults wish they were kids again.

This Is Just The beginning though its, like we're on our way to the major league atleast those of us who choose to grow up or atleast those who TRY yano.

Young parents must keep money stacked away at all times because babies children kids snd teens need things and your baby is gonna be all of those one day....

Gotta stack money for the future always gotta have that emergency cash on the side ALWAYS!!

You always gotta dedicate everything you do in your present life to your future cause it always come back on you good or bad , avoid all those good for the moment bad in the longrun situations and do shit right the first time !!!

Life Is gonna hit each and everyone of us hard a few times as adults can you stand the rain though ? Cause everyday isnt a perfect sunny day , shits gonna get ugly & you gotta be able to bounce back !!

I expect the worst because I wanna be prepared for whatever obstacle is thrown at me in life as an adult.

Naw , I wouldnt say I'm ready for the real world, but I'm ready to learn, I wouldn't say I know What the future holds but I Hold the key to my future.

I seen a struggle yet nobody could understand nor knows yet I dont let that hold me back and wont let it hinder me from being successful I refuse to be a product of my environment.

I learned from everyone elses mistakes growin up so I'm doing things my way pursuing my goals learning more about the world , life & most of all myself!!

I'm anxious of what the future has in store for our generation growing into young adults its finna be different yet the same.

I wish people thought more about the future, life would be so much better!!

Thinking in the moment is dangerous, and has taken many lives in death, drugs, & crime...

I'm basically Saying its time to get serious and leave the childish antics behind focus on you, your goals and a happy future, but also know that your not always gonna be smiling all the time & your gonna make plenty of tough executive decisions!!

You will be stuck in fucked up places but what doesnt kill you makes you stronger, I once told someone who said they were "hanging in there for this long" to quit hanging and just get up there but thats when you feel your 100% readyfor the next obstacle life has to offer !! Metaphorically speaking of course.....

Never give up and never give in & never be disappointed when people dont come through for you because
At the end of the day all ypu have is yourself.

Stay true to you and never let anyone feel superior enough to tell you , you cant do something if you believe in you fuck what anyone has to say but when you feel like giving up when life hits remember what you start doing it for in the first place!
As you get older you gain tons of responsibilities but...

You will get through it.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Music Industry Is The Devil & (some rs from the mind)

The music industry is sending the wrong message to the youth and growing teens in 2012. Those new to this life, Our younger brothers, younger sisters, younger cousins!! Those preteens. Even some of our late teens! I honestly think the music industry is the Devil!!

Lucifer is a fallen angel who was the head of the ministry of music in Heaven when he was in heaven. It has been said of him he was the most beautiful of ALL angels and he was the director of the flow of music there (Praise and Worship).Read more at Lucifer : Angel of Music 

I am just sitting here thinking, the Illuminati may in fact be REAL!!! The Devil used to be a angel and he was the Director of the choir, Music is the Devils thing, its his hobby. So why not feed rappers drugs money and alcohol which I call the Devils Juice!!

Because God made Wine, the Devil made Alcohol. I mean  forgive me for using these words in the same sentence but if you reflect on the some personal experience when you seen some sick, crazy, shit go down while people were under the influence of Alcohol.

Alcohol kills people, and people begin to do some outrageous things while drunk, people get hurt, goto jail, die, kill themselves provokes them to kill themselves. Its the DEVIL !!!!! But People still drink it.

However the devil gets in these rappers ears when they are under the influence and have them rap about guns, money, drugs, and material things influencing these young listeners to do what they hear in the music.They do exactly what the devil want them to do kill themselves slowly yet faster than we can see.

Everybody be talking bout Poppin Molly's cause every other rapper is rapping about Poppin Molly's TF.
They hear it in the music so they wanna pop molly's to relate to the shit they hear on a day to day basis.
I dont listen to any mainstream rappers because they are talking nothing but NONSENSE but everybody still quote them and wanna be like them I mean we see it all over on the social networks, at home on the street.

Everybody wanna be like this lil fella Chief Keef looking up to a 17 year old boy who obviously isnt mentally stable. Always rapping about shootin and killing niggas, wearing true religion jeans and gucci belts. Sooooo!!!!

Our generation listen to him and bang his hood that they only saw on youtube and wanna dress like him True Religion Jeans, Gucci Belts Carrying guns banging O Block, WHY ?? Cause Thats What he's putting in his music And who's thing was that ? THE DEVILS!!

Cheif keef is gonna get these lil boys hurt. And When kids get a hold of these molly's they are gonna be either shootin it or a crack addict before the age 18.

I mean everyone wanna pop a molly so they can be sweatin WOO!! thats some bullshit. Please dont let me get started on this trinidad james dude smh. So whats gonna happen when you pop what you thought was a molly which is basically cocaine in a pill capsule , turns out to be something else like RAT POISING !! or some other shit you know nothing about and you may not get a chance to ever turn down a molly again cause you might pop a "MOLLY" and be Dead WOO!!

I mean damn what happened to the old hip hop, when they were always promoting something positive? sending out the right message!! Given us motivation to do right and not wrong. People putting their heart and soul in it and forever thanking god for their blessings and tryna spread the right message through their music to the young listeners and they're fans all over the world!!
I mean look at who people are looking up to the only people with money that's "like" them in a way, So they wanna be a product of that persons pretend lifestyle which they aren't doing or have never done in life because most rappers REALLY AIN'T ABOUT THAT LIFE!!!! --------------------->
Never have been but rapping like they are, yet their listeners think otherwise, since they're fans they wanna live it like the dude spittin it!! .

They take this music and run with whatever these rappers say. Setting them up for failure, because every time I stumble across today's music its the SAME SHIT Different Artist and I see the youth in my community dropping like flies trying to live up to what the devil is putting in their ear. 

Which is good for whoever the Illuminati is cause they don't give A fuck about nobody and really don't give a fuck about these mfs listening to the music they are providing for them to lead to their own demise!!

That's just my opinion and thought on the music industry its not about giving the right the right message to not do drugs and don't kill each other and don't be like everyone else be yourself do your own thing and follow your dreams, not do kill each other say no to crack and all that shit you see in the media and hear in the music I don't listen to it nor watch TV I have a mind of my own I refuse to listen to this nonsense the devil is putting out its BULLSHIT!!!

and Whats up with Rappers wearing dresses capris and skirts ? that's ridiculous omg hip hop is a hot mess lord please give these people the strength to do the right thing and have a mind of their own !!!
 I was just surfing the web and Stumbled on some Celebrity Pictures Before Drugs and After Drugs !! Famous Ppl Don't Excite Me , Cause Most Of Them Are Lowkey Crack Heads Anyways!! 
That's Not My Type Of Crowd !! People always wanna follow trends but then when they get tweeked out like you will be if you be Cocaine Sniffin, & Molly Poppin  your gonna look like them in no time !!! 

Crack Is One Hell Of A Drug, You Dont Wanna Be A Crackhead, So I Suggest You Put All That Cocaine Sniffin, & Molly Poppin To A STOP !! Before You Be Exchanging Cheese Burgers For Crack !!!

Allot of crack heads started out the way most people are starting out now, partying, drinkin, living life rappers and video hoes making twerk videos sliding down poles because they are influenced by music multiple rappers talking bout poppin them molly's so they're like "lets go pop some molly's that's what they do" ! now they talking bout they sweatin WOO

 <- smfh this guy....... 


I dont know whats so fun about sweating anyways EWW !! Not WOO!!

But seriously all of the crack heads been there did that had money got ratchet and got hooked on drugs !! that life catches up to you!!

 We seen it happen to plenty of People! its sad but living fast and partying hard is dangerous cause your doing drugs you know nothing about but everyone else is doing it , the rappers have it in their songs and they're doing it, so they wanna do it to, and be "Koo" or "Swaggin" idk what everyone says nowadays.......

 There's not enough positive influences and everyone turns to music and they are promoting harsh drugs turning in to SMOKERS, everyone's gonna be SMOKERS and meth heads all that!! 

I feel like all of these poor children are gonna get a hold of this shit with out fucked up generation and they're upcoming generation and this music Its crazy  and its nothing but the DEVIL taking control of everyone's mind and body!!!

we needa pray for the future, well at least I am. IDK about everyone else but I know shits bouta get REAL !!!!!!

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

You Never Know What Someones Going Through R.I.P Freddy E

I try not to judge others as much & have to remind myself, EVERYBODY
has their own problems..

 Everybody think they know you....... but they have no IDEA!! We are all Human.. Anyone who's ever had a deep conversations with me I tell them this, because its REAL! We all have those problems we are facing on our own, you been through things only you & god knows.

 You may be a parent, a child, a Sibling, a friend & may have known this person all their lives but you don't know what goes on behind closed doors when your not present.

 You don't know whats going on internally physically & mentally that they may be going through, so who are you to JUDGE, ASSUME, START RUMORS, about why someone done what they done. My old high school friend killed himself 01/01/1991-01/05/2013 he was 22 & an Gifted Individual whom was going through somethings that we will never know about. However everyone are starting rumors over the social media talking about why he killed himself & how he's going to hell.

 WTF -______- You mfs Can't Be Serious who does shit like that?....

Let Him rest in peace & remember him for why you loved him to begin with, you didn't know him anyways all you seen were videos, pictures, tweets & status post. He was loved by MANY hated by None he had it All but he wasn't completely happy internally however he touched many lives his 22 years on this earth he did his thang & knew he would make an impact.

 He had a plan. His situation should be an eye opener to everyone across the world who loved Freddy E or is tryna Find out who Freddy E Is... You never know what someone is going through unless they tell you.. Everyone have their own problems fighting their own battles within yet they still walk around happy, loving, giving, caring, & sharing, yet when it comes to them they don't necessarily get the same in return.

 You can have everything in the world & you are still LONELY, Your everyone's friend but you Have NO One.... Its like that sometimes. I observe & learn from peoples mistakes & make different decisions yet, I've come to the conclusion years Ago that Everyone Has Their Own Lives Even the people who knew you before yourself Don't Even Know you like that. A smile is often a disguise "never lettem see you sweat" ..

But sometimes
                    "what you'll value most is an honest friend" -Nipsey

 Everybody needs someone to talk to cause keepin to much in can make you go bonkers. Don't judge and start rumors about someone cause you don't know their struggle, you don't know about nobody but yourself!

“Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? “

(Mat 7:1-3)

May We Let Freddy E, Buhl (@Freddy_E) Rest In Peace

I personally had to get on my,knees and PRAY !!! With Marvin Sapp -Never Would Of Made It, Playing After Seeing The Shocking News That My Old High School Friend Freddy Buhl Has Killed Himself.
(@YouTube Personality @Freddy_e #JerkTV #FBP)
He was loved by THOUSANDS of People all over the world.</p>
He was by far the most creative multi-talented gifted individual Who Loved Everybody & Every Body Loved Him..

This Man touched many lives in many ways you could never understand & never will..

Now there are many rumors of why it happened however you don't know why it happened. People fail to realize everybody has their own problems that shit NOBODY knows about you those issues your facing on your own.... Yea ? ... We all do!
 therefore STFU With The Rumors!

 We will never know why he did what he did but Remember him For How He Lived Don't Remember Him By How He Died. While he was alive He touched lives, he traveled, met people, was loved by everyone!!!!!!!!!

I was quite stuck when I read the screenshot of his father confirming Freddy's death on Facebook..... I was lost for words couldn't say nothing or do anything but cry but then I smile because I Been Watching His Videos Since 09-10 he have come A long but short way, He did allot Great of things & Good Deeds.

 He was like that person who was to good to be true because he was respected by EVERYONE , from EVERYWHERE. Females saw Fred & Busted Into Tears, Ha He Wasn't No, Regular Dude.... I believe Fred has another plan because, his legacy will continue in the future he made his mark he put his city on the map like he wanted to!

 Freddy proved a point that people in Seattle are talented & multi talented.. We saw it!! Unfortunately he had somethings he was dealing with behind the scenes that we could probably never Imagine.

 Don't judge Freddy, Love Freddy, Continue To Share His Videos & Achieve your Goals He Was Only 22 You Can Do Anything You Put Your Mind To Look At His Accomplishments At Such A Young Age.

 He was An Educated Business Man Comedian Rapper Lowkey Vocalist , Poet, Photographer, Video Director, Actor, Ladies Man. ETC   Remember Him For Those Things He Did What Most People Can't.... I Remember The Day I Met You Perfectly clear Your gonna be like the Tupac Of Youtube..... R.I.P Capricorn #1

<3 Capricorn #2

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Talent Coming Straight Out Of Seattle Washington: Young Female Lyricist, KSNEAK

The upcoming of a rising STAR Akeda Jones.

This star was born April 17, 1996 in Seattle, WA. From a young age Akeda was never one to fit in she always was the one to be noticed even when not trying to be. Just something about her ambition and drive towards everything she did turned heads and stopped hearts. Akeda began rapping at the age of 7 years old, simply because the boys told her since she was a girl she couldn't, little did she know that was the start of her career. Everyday she wrote little rhymes and threw them at the boys and within a week or two she was the head - honcho of the rap game at her elementary school. Feb of 2010 and soon got involved in a program at her school community center called "Produce Her" teaching young ladies how to not only produce their own music, but to grow as an artist in a society where the rap game is dominated by men. In March 2011 Akeda dropped her first single "So Official" and it was a hit through out her high school. Her first real performance was a benefit concert and from there her career took off. She got show after show, call after call, and everywhere she went she and that silver whistle of hers was well known throughout the greater Seattle area. She started doing Open Mic nights at the University of Washington where "So Official" went viral. Now as of December 2012 She has dropped two mixtapes "Consider It Done" and "The Sound Check" has done countless amounts of performances and shows, has filmed her own music video (which is to be dropped soon), and has recently auditioned for America's Got Talent. She is growing to be a humble, well rounded artist and person. You haven't seen anything yet "KSneak" is on the rise and is promising nothing but success. Look out for the next big thing! #TEAMKSNEAK!

Check out some of KSneaks Videos & Social Network Links Below: 

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Im Not Affectionate & Emotional But I Am Loyal & Honest !! Thats A Promise, Moment Of Silence For Those Called Home To Paradise Life Is Nothing Nice No Matter The Situation We'll Have To Take A Loss Better Yet A Sacrifice.

Heart Broken Ages Before My Love Life.

A Fatherless Child Has Been What My Life Was Like , Thats The Past I Knew Since Then Affection & Emotions Never Last.

Treat Those How I'd Like To Be Treated Is Not Only The Motto But The Words I Live By Daily Keepin My Head High To .

Never Lie Cause I Know What It Feels Like To Be Lied To.

Tell The Truth Cause Who Are You For Me To Lie To I'll Be Honest With You, So You Can Be Honest With Me,Tell You What You Need To Know,& Not What I Think You Want To Hear.

No Fear, Emotions No Longer Live Here No Time For The Cry Baby Shit, That Why Baby? Shit Tear Drop Tear Drop Im Crying , Baby! Shit just not that Female Naw Im Not That Chick !

Loyal To My Soil From The Beginning I Stand Tall No Renegading Snaking 42 faking Loyalty Never Questioned Or Mistaken! Check My Actions & Will See Fidelity Into ACTION!!